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Here ye will find every jeweled facet of information pertaining to the Annual Pirate Treasure Hunt held in Depoe Bay Oregon on the third Saturday in August.  Although it is FUN, this is a charity event.  ALL proceeds are donated to local charities. 

The 2013 Treasure Hunt netted $2,000.00 for the Depoe Bay Food Pantry; a non-profit organization helping needy Depoe Bay families with food and needed life items!  We wish to thank all those folks who participated, contributed and gave to this fine cause!

Join us, and yer fellow pirate brethren for a fun filled day of adventure and mystery upon the high seas!  

The Pirate Treasure Hunt takes ye in and around the streets and attractions of Depoe Bay, noted as the worlds smallest harbor.  But don't let size fool ye, swabby.  This hunt will have ye wishin fer a pleasant sail on a calm sea.  Ye and yer crew of 3 (that be 4 total ya know) must complete challenges and tasks in the first half o the day that will help ye gather the needed items and information.  There's nothin too terribly physical or dangerous, just fun challenges and activities that may or may not be pirate related. 

A story / mystery unfolds on the streets in the second half o the day.  Yer crew must decipher the story and identify the characters that will enable ye to sail to victory and take on some great booty. Hold on to yer eye patch fer this action.  You'll be needin both eyes, Matey! 

Yer piratical entertainment continues into the evening with a No-Host bar, dinner, silent and live auctions, and a whimsical pirate play by the
Not_Ready_For_Prime_Time_Pirates.  The booty prize awards for winning teams placement also conclude the evening.   

Registration for the event is usually 8:30 to 9:30am at Pirate Coffee Company (north end of town).  Your team captain will receive the all important rules and needed documents.  Then, team and group photos are taken (promptly) at 9:45 at the Whale Watch Center (south end of town), followed by the hunt's storyline reading and cannon fire signaling the start of the hunt (about 10am).  After the tasks in the morning, a short break, and the afternoon story-in-the-streets, teams will conclude the hunt about 3pm, some maybe earlier.  A no-host bar opens at 5:30pm and the optional dinner is at 6pm, followed by the silent and live auctions, and the always zany pirate play and booty awards!

Sign up early.  Make yer plans, and shanghai a crew!  Don yer pirate attire and muster up some piratitude!

New teams are always a welcome part of our event.  And, we'll welcome back teams that have enjoyed past hunts! 

All pirates, young and old, are welcome.  You don't have to be a team or participate in the hunt to enjoy the day as a pirate (though you'll wish you did).  We enjoy pirates and their tales on the streets of Depoe Bay anytime!  We'll even have tasks and challenges (FUN) for the younger pirates (KIDS).

Come join the fun on the beautiful central Oregon coast! 


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