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Welcome, me hearties, to the home of TREASURE DEPOE BAY 

UPDATE: January 2015

It is with a weighted heart that I bring ye lots a bit o' sad news.  Our beloved Dan Roberson passed away on January 16th, from natural causes.

Dan Roberson, aka "Dagger Dan" was our beloved friend and constant do-gooder and volunteer.  Dan frequently sacrificed his own needs in order to help others in need. Dan was also an accomplished stage actor and skilled craftsman.  He was a mainstay in the pirate community and we will always remember him as the Bard of the treasure hunt . 

On Dan's final sail, we wish all the best that befits such a fine person.

The 2014 Pirate Treasure Hunt was held on Saturday, August 16th.  Make yer plans now for this year's hunt on August 15th!

If ye be a new pirate to this here site, ye may be wantin to visit the "ABOUT THE PIRATE TREASURE HUNT" page, first.  Then, set sail for the gallery pages to see what all this zaniness looks like!

Yer crazy Depoe Bay Pirate Crew be already workin on the fun and challenges of this year's hunt.  As always, be ready for new and inventive ways to keep our pirate friends scratchin their eye patches and stompin the ole peg leg!


The King's Navy, a sharp bunch O' riflemen.  Pirates beware !!!

Once again, our friends and fellow brethren gathered up $2,000.00 for the Depoe Bay Food Pantry, part of the Oregon Food Bank, allowing us to feed and supply hungry and needy families in and around Depoe Bay.  Tis a fine thing that ye pirates do!!!

We thank all who helped out our gracious downtown merchants by parking in one of the city's free parking lots one block to the east of Highway 101.  Your cooperation was greatly appreciated, and it makes us pirate types look like caring folks!  Arrrrr.... we can fool em can't we? 

As always, watch for updates to this page for the latest in piratical entertainment news in Depoe Bay.  And if ye are not on our emailing list, but would like to be, or you have questions or concerns, just float a message off to yer Quartermaster.

Fair winds and following seas.......



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